Captivation Dance Studio Henderson Nevada

If you have a young dancer who LOVES performing our Captiv8 Crew is for you! Our Pre Company Program is an introduction to the CDA Pre-Professional Company Program. Dancers must be enrolled in at least 1 additional technique class the General Program. 

AGES: Pre-K through 4th Grade
REQUIREMENTS: Pre Company Class and at least 1 additional

class of choice
PERFORMANCES: 1 ROUTINE – 3 Performances: 2 local competitions

and Showcase


Competing against the finest teams allows our teachers and students the opportunity to be inspired by the talent across the country.  This is how CDA is continuously improving and evolving with the times while challenging ourselves to grow to new heights. Competition allows dancers to perform more frequently and teaches them the importance of thriving under pressure. Being apart of our Pre Company Team helps a dancer build their confidence while simultaneously becoming a well-rounded, well-trained performer.



For more information regarding pricing, attendance, dancer opportunities, and how to become a part of the CDA Pre Company, please contact us by email or telephone. 

Captivation Dance Studio Henderson Nevada Captiv8 Crew