Following Governor Sisolak's Emergency Directive 047, beginning Friday, July 30th, Captivation Dance Affiliates will require masks to be worn inside the studio. Mask wearing will be REQUIRED for all students, parents, and faculty entering the facility, regardless of vaccination status. Masks must be worn in all common areas of the studio. 


Per Section 2 of the Emergency Directive, dancers who are vaccinated will be allowed to take their masks off while dancing, however those who are younger than the age of 12 and/or are unvaccinated, will be REQUIRED to dance in their mask. 


We understand that dancers may find it difficult to wear a mask while dancing. To avoid this, we recommend placing a mask bracket between your dancer's mask and face to allow for space. An example can be found HERE


Captivation Dance Affiliates will NOT be providing masks during this time. Any student who comes to the studio without a mask will NOT be allowed to enter the studio and will be sent home. CDA still requires any student that feels sick to stay home and notify the front desk. Our lobby and viewing areas still remain CLOSED following our original COVID-19 protocol. 


We are so thankful for our CDA families for their patience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the studio at or (702) 912-1742.