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At Captivation Dance Affiliates, we are committed to the creation of an artistic environment, where students of all ages and levels flourish. We believe dance is a lifelong learning experience which fosters self-confidence, self-discipline and self- awareness. By offering individual attention and respect toward each student, Captivation Dance Affiliates utilizes gentle guidance to focus on the proper use of the body while developing artistry and self-expression within each dancer.



Together, our mission is comprised of the following objectives:


  • To encourage the development of each dancer, whether their goals are recreational or professional


  • To promote an open, positive forum for interactions between teachers, parents and students


  • To love what we do and provide positive role models to our students


  • To impart a fun, focused atmosphere which encourages an active, healthy lifestyle


  • To instill a lifelong appreciation and passion for the art of dance

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