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At Captivation Dance Affiliates, we offer our dancers more than just a dance education.  The lifelong skills acquired through the art of dance include innate character building traits, such as self-confidence, time management, respect for others and oneself, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, discipline and self expression. 



We are devoted to providing the art of dance at an advanced technical and age appropriate level, creating well-rounded dancers. Captivation Dance Affiliates also prides itself on the commitment to create and uphold a partnership between our students, parents, instructors and staff, where each dancer learns proper dance technique through positive reinforcement.  


Storybook Ballet Level 1: Ages 3-4 (Preschool & Pre-K)

Storybook Ballet Level 2: Ages 4-5 (Pre-K & Kinder) 

Storybook Ballet Level 3: Ages 5-6 (Kinder)

This specialized 45 minute ballet class focuses on learning the basic fundamentals of ballet technique while also discovering their own creative movement. A great introduction to dance!


Jazz/Tap Combo: Ages 4-6 (Pre-K & Kinder)

This is the perfect place for young dancers ages 4-5.  The class will be one hour and focus for 30 minutes on jazz and 30 minutes on tap. In this class, students will learn basic fundamentals of tap and jazz technique including terminology, rhythm, correct body placement and posture. 


Tumble Tots Level 1: Ages 3-4 (Preschool & Pre-K)

Tumble Tots Level 2: Ages 5-6 (Pre-K & Kinder) 

This class focuses on learning the basic foundations of gymnastics. Each class will help your young dancer to develop hand-eye-foot coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and confidence!  Students will learn basic gymnastics terminology, while also playing fun games that help teach listening skills and build endurance and strength.


Hippity Hop: Ages 4-6 (Pre-K & Kinder)

This is a fun and energetic class is for young movers to learn the basics of Hip-Hop dancing.  While focusing on dynamics, rhythm and isolations, dancers will feel free to express themselves in an athletic nature. 

AGES 3-5

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